A great big

to all my family and friends......
May this new year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
   I have been busy with family visiting for the Christmas period so have not had time to do any  blogging but thought I'd pop a few pics up to share with you that have been taken over the last few weeks. Jump over here to my Picasa Album to check them out.
No craftin' happening at the moment but have heaps to get busy with in a couple of weeks.
I'm looking forward to getting a few projects finished early in the new year.



My November item

for Amanda's Christmas in July Challenge is done. I made a very simple Pinwheel table runner from fabrics that I had in my stash which was my challenge to myself throughout the 6 mths. They really are getting a bit outdated now, but I am happy to have finally used a little bit of them up.
The runner was fun to make as I tried out something new to me, well actually two things.
I haven't done  lot of HST's but decided to try out this Tutorial and it works brilliantly, and for the other new to me technique I just had to try out this clever idea Here, really love how this works and will definitely be using this method on a quilt in the future. Can you see the cute little bit of piping in the binding? Click on the pic to make it bigger.
Don't you just love the www with all these great tutorials out there.
Thanks Amanda for hosting the challenge, it has been so much fun.

Well that's all folks, onto other things now, I have lots of projects planned for in the New Year, but before that happens I am looking forward to having our DGD and our DS and family arriving soon to stay with us for some family time over the Christmas period.


Whoppee Doo.....want to see something special

well all you Quilter's out there just need to jump on over to "HERE" to see how the "CRAFT" group surprised the socks off our "fearless leader" as I call her, lol. Not easy keeping a secret from this girl. 
You will never meet a more generous, caring, sharing person than our Khris so we thought it was about time that we let her know how thankful we all are for her Friendship.
The girls in the group made some hearts, donated fabric and money towards this Gift of Friendship and Khris's right hand moderator Sharon from New Zealand was the clever chicky who did all the hard work designing it, sewing it all together as well as the fantastic quilting, no easy task when you work full time with a heavy workload with long days, the rest of us will be forever grateful for the brilliant job she has done on our behalf, she put her hand up for this job with only 3 other quilts under her belt. Thank you so much Sharon.
We have lots of talented ladies in our group and one of them Pam made a great bag for the quilt to be posted in, so Khris received 2 lovely surprises, thank you Pam on behalf of all of us girls.
Now don't forget, pop on over to Khris's blog and check out this OOAK quilt in all it's glory.
All is right with the world when you have such great family and friends like I am blessed with.



Loved this poem

that I found over at Vicki's and thought I might share it here for the Quilters that read my blog, guessing they are true words for a lot of us. Hands up if you can relate, lol.
A Quilter is:
Someone who assiduously clips coupons and hunts for bargains at the supermarket,  
but buys untold yards of fabric, regardless of price.
Someone who pays to have the ironing done, 
but thinks nothing of standing for hours pressing twenty yards of fabric for a quilt.
Someone who sees life through the eye of a needle, and that is a very special thing.
Someone who is bored silly hearing about other people's dumb hobbies, such as sky-diving, motor cycling or stamp collecting, 
but constantly fascinates everyone she comes in contact with by sharing her quilts and  quilting experiences.
Someone who has not been able to balance her check book since March 1979,  
but can figure the yardage requirements for a Log Cabin Quilt and have just enough left over for a pin cushion.
Someone who enjoys sewing a quilt, 
but hides the mending until the garments are either outgrown or out of style. 

Someone who cannot see cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, dust balls under the bed or a sink full of dirty dishes, 
but can thread a size 10 needle in the dark.



Awww we only have one more

Christmas Challenge to do before all the fun is over, this month I made some star coasters to co-ordinate with my runner and table centre, quick and easy but will come in handy when we get the wine glasses out for a Christmas drink, well I guess we could use them for a cuppa as well, lol.
Will now need to put the thinking cap on for the last month's challenge...... Mmm now what else can I make that will fit in with all the other bits, oh I think I have an idea forming but I best go check out  Amanda's blog to make sure I am within the criteria for the month.


My little finish this past week

isn't he just gorgeous with those big blue eyes, enough to melt any Nana's heart.
Now I need to get back to the quilt I am working on for DD but I am having trouble staying focused cause any time soon the post man is going to bringing me one of these and I am just a little bit excited...
I have already bought a couple of embossing plates so I can jump right in when it arrives, don't you just love having a new toy to play with for your crafting, it truly keeps you motivated.



Wish we had Smell a Blog

my Jasmine is flowering and smells sooo good, I have kept it contained in a pot so it doesn't take over the fence between us and the back neighbors but I'm tempted to let it when it looks and smells so yummy at this time of the year.
Not a lot of crafting happened this week, I did start another scrapping page, but am at the stage where I don't know what to do next so while waiting for inspiration to hit me I used some paper scraps up and made these cards, 
can see I have a long way to go before anybody receives a home made card from me, lol, I will keep practicing.
It's a bit like patchwork being able to use up the scraps, and I have finally run out of blue n red scraps for my string quilt so  even though it will just end up being a floor rug for the Grandchildren or the back seat of the car it is a good feeling finally using up the scraps I have been hoarding for all these years.

I have to put the blocks away now till in the New Year when I will add some sashing to finish them. Meanwhile I need to get busy with some Christmas sewing.


Twinkle is her name

and she is my entrant for September in Amanda's Christmas Challenge, click here if you want to see the other clever ladies entrants.
Taking photo's at night doesn't do the subject justice with the shadows but she looks pretty cute in the real, hubby reckons she is modeled on our youngest DGD, there is a bit of resemblance don't you think.
hugs Diana


A little Scrapping

was all I got finished this week, but I'm happy with the end result. I'm not a fancy scrapper, I tend to keep my pages simple. Tomorrow I will choose the pics for my next page, I like to have an on-going page to play with in between my other crafting, think it's because I have such a short attention span, lol.
hugs Diana


Beginning to wonder

if I will ever find the Inspiration to turn this into something that will resemble a Christmas doll. What do YOU think, is it possible?

I Spy with my Little Eye

one naughty puddy cat who found a new spot to have a quick snooze.

I was searching for an old photo to scan and when I returned from scanning found Milo had made himself very comfortable, he was not happy when I shifted him out to tidy up. lol.


Latest Creation

Well now that the big 3-0 Birthday is over and DD has received her gifts I can show you a pic of the bag I made for her with fabrics she chose from Khristina's Oziton Fabric shop she was really happy with the end result so of course that made me feel good too.
 Oops the inside pic was taken before I sewed the lining and added the base, oh well you get the general idea, threads n all.

Now the weather man has forecast a wet weekend so my plans for finishing off some planting and mulching in the garden might have to wait for a few days but I have plenty of sewing to keep me busy while I wait for the sun to shine again. Hopefully I will get the last 6 blocks of my String Quilt finished and then onto my doll that is awaiting a face and some clothes for this months item in the Christmas in July Challenge over at Amanda's Blog.


I had so much fun

this weekend, it was Father's Day here in Oz, so besides making sure DH was well fed (kids you owe me big time) with bacon n eggs for brekky, chicken salad for lunch and prawns and scallops and salad for dinner because it was his special day, (Luv you Hon you're the best), I had a couple of busy days sewing.
First up I spent Saturday making a gift for a family member who has a big 30th birthday coming up (shh it's my daughter but I don't want anybody to know I have a 30yr old it makes me feel ancient) and I can't share a pic with you yet as that would spoil the surprise.

And today I had a great time sewing up some scraps into the beginnings of a String Quilt in the company of some of the ladies from the "CRAFT" group. We had a Quilt-a-Long and what was pretty cool was we were able to have a video conference call where we could all see each other and chat as we were busily sewing up our strips. There was Sharon from NZ and Kath and Wilma from the U.S. and Khris in Adelaide, we were all able to hook in and show how we were progressing during the day, a few of the other girls also popped in to chat via messaging, isn't the Internet just the greatest. A few of the other members who couldn't access the video call also joined in the sew-in, Marilyn made a beautiful charity quilt with a jelly roll, and Deanna was sewing madly on a quilt as well. I am looking forward to seeing all the end results. Can't wait till we do it again next month when we all meet up to practice making HST's.

Here you can see my scraps I have been hoarding for 15 years or more cut into strips and my 9 blocks I got finished today, they are going to make a great scrap quilt when I get a few more done through the week. I am using the QAYG method and so far am loving it as the blocks are already quilted, will see if it is as easy to do the sashings when I go to put them together, fingers crossed.



August -Christmas in July Challenge

all finished made it by the skin of my teeth as usual. This month the challenge from Amanda was to make a Table Center decoration/centerpiece. Well I had grand plans of making a Fabric Christmas tree, have wanted to make one of these for ages, I found a pattern on one of my many trips to the local Op Shops searching for vintage crafting supplies, couldn't believe my luck, and had tucked it away safely with the million other patterns I own, thought... finally the perfect time to make use of that pattern. Well I had it all spread out on the table with my fabrics choices but for the one minute I turned my back to check on dinner cooking one naughty puddy cat had pulled the pattern down and had a game with it, it was a tissue pattern so you can imagine the end result, so then onto plan B... checked out the blocks in EQ and found one that I thought would be easy using the PP technique, it did eventually get done but with a few nasty words in the process. Pheew such a long post about such a little thing, it is about 12' diameter and fits just nicely in the centre of my table, will pop my wire glitter Christmas Tree and some little Christmas wrapped boxes around the base come December.

Next month is a doll, now that should be easy peasy hey!

Also popping up a pic of an Armchair Sewing Organizer and Coasters I made for my friend Sharon in New Zealand.
Sharon and I have known each other from the Yahoo "Craft" group for about 4 yrs now and we had a great time meeting in person at the "Craft" Retreat last year. Sharon's hubby and his son spent the night with us a few weeks ago while on a visit from over the ditch to spend some time with family, so I grabbed the chance to send a little something over to Sharon free of postage costs (gosh it is getting expensive to send overseas) made her these couple of goodies to match her Crafting Studio. I am sooo jealous of her "Studio".


Local Quilt Show

These two lovely ladies from my local Quilt Shop were busy selling all their goodies at the Bundaberg Quilt Show, I imagine they were pretty tired after the 3 days were over. 
If you would like to view a small cross section of Quilts that were on display at the quilt show. Click here. There was so much eye candy it was impossible to take photos of them all and it certainly keeps the creative spirit alive viewing such great works of art, thank you ladies for a lovely morning out.


A treat for all my Crafty Pals

Pop on over to my friend Khris's Freebies for Crafters Blog or her personal Blog and see what the clever girl has been up to, she has designed the most gorgeous Sewing Accessories Set, but best of all....... the Australian Craft Magazine "HOMESPUN" has used her designs for this months Project on their Web page at Complete Craft.
Woo Hoo Khristina, so pretty, well done mate and Congratulations.


Just made it

As you get to know me you will learn I work better under pressure and that sure was true this month. Above is a pic of my project for this months Christmas in July Challenge, that Amanda is hosting on her blog, finished just in the nick of time this morning.
We could either make a place mat or table runner. I chose traditional Christmas colors to make a runner I can use on my buffet during the silly season and best of all, didn't have to buy any fabric as it all came from my stash.
Now next months could be a problem as we have to make a table center decoration and I have no idea what I want to make yet, oh well I guess it will come to me soon.


Opps a Daisy

been awhile since I posted, I do have a good excuse. DGD Shayna made an unexpected visit to us for the school holidays, we always enjoy the time we get to spend with her and we think she had a great time as well, you can see some pics here if interested. We are always sorry to see her leave but fingers crossed we will see her again for some of the school holidays at Christmas time.
Now on to finishing some projects and starting some new ones I have planned.


Okay first one down

five more to go. This little tree deco is what I whipped up for the first item in Amanda's Christmas Challenge, I finally got to play with those hexagon templates I bought last Nov, now just need to get a couple more made before the end of the month.
If you are interested in making some of these up for your tree or a gift for friend, hop on over to here and you'll find the instructions. 

Naomi from Crafty Owl made me one last Christmas with my name embroidered on it, isn't it sweet.

Next on the list is a Placemat or Table Runner, best go check out all those patterns that are taking over my sewing room.



3 more Finishes

I promised these aprons quite awhile ago, great to finally get them done for the girls, the green one is made from a tea towel and is for my DD and the red apple fabric was chosen by my DGD so I could make her one too and I had just enough leftovers left to make her 2 yr old sister one as well, now they will be all set for their next baking day.


A bit of this n that

Just popping up a couple pics of two scrappin pages of my Grandson that I finally finished and also it was his 1st birthday  last month (scoot over here to see him celebrating his big day)  I made him this play rug from a panel, thought it might come in handy when at the park or out visiting with Mum and Dad.



Did you know

that there is only 200 days till Christmas, scary hey!!. Well I've decided to get in early with making a few Christmas gifts this year by joining Amanda's Christmas Challenge over at http://amanda-lotshappening.blogspot.com/ she has provided me with the perfect motivation to get some done and dusted instead of leaving them till the last moment.
Amanda's Christmas Challenge will run through till December, pop on over to her Blog and check it out, it's stress free and has yummy prizes on offer as well.
Now if only I can dig out my Christmas stash box that is tucked away under heaps of other stuff and track down where I put my Christmas patterns I will be set to make a start tomorrow on this months challenge...........wish me luck, would love to win this months prize from Khris's Oztion Shop "The Fabric Cafe", she has such yummy fabrics.


Backtracking to Easter now

for which we were expecting hubby's brother and wife and children for a few days, we were really looking forward to their visit as they hadn't been up this way for a few years.
One morning about a week before they were due I answered the phone and it was DD in Mt Isa saying something about...... can you fit a car seat in the new car Mum?, well silly me said Why? and she said.... cause the girls and I are coming for a holiday...well needless to say panic set in for all of 2 secs while I got my head around the fact that we had already booked out the spare bedrooms with 2 adults and 2 children coming, but whats another adult and 2 more children to find beds for... right, lol. 
Once I realized she was serious, excitement really set in as I knew we'd work out the sleeping arrangements later. 
Needless to say we had a terrific time and it was just so great that we all got to spend some time together.
Now I realize this is all pretty boring to my crafting friends but for those family members who would like to see some pics of our time spent with DD and grand kids at Easter time please click here.


Signing off for the night

with a few Pics from our afternoon walk around the block a couple of days ago, such glorious weather I just had to share these snaps I took just on sunset. Click here to see the rest of them

Way back in Nov

last year we decided to adopt a kitty from the RSPCA, it had been over 18 mths since our 16 yr old miniature poodle Missy had gone to doggy heaven and hubby and I finally felt the time was right to introduce a new pet to our household.
As our Granddaughter Shayna was coming to visit us for a few weeks before Christmas we waited for her to arrive before making any more plans as we knew she would get a thrill helping us to choose a kitten.
After checking the RSPCA web page a few times and making a couple of visits to cuddle and play with the kittens one sweet little fat faced boy decided he would like to come home with us, after testing out a few names the first day we decided to call him" Milo".

Well he is 8 mths old now and has fitted into our home just perfectly. So I thought I'd share a few pics I took today while he was outside in the garden having his morning romp chasing the lizards and butterflies.
He is an inside cat that is allowed out for short periods in the garden to play through the daytime, to keep him safe we make sure he is inside before late afternoon.
Each morning for the last couple of months our neighbours cat "Quinn" who is also an RSPCA kitty, visits us, they are like two kids playing for about an hour each morning.
To view today's pics if you are interested click here.

Oh I know I know....lol

I still have some back tracking to catch up with but had to show off what I have been sewing today.
  This is a bag pattern designed by my friend Khris and like the last one I blogged about (and yep I did sew one up, but it is for a gift so cant show you yet) Khris has done a brilliant job at making it an easy quick project to sew up and so versatile, I have seen some other samples and it looks great no matter what fabric is chosen.
I was able to pull some fabrics from my stash to try this pattern and with these nice bright colors thought that my DGD in Mt Isa would be able to use it when she goes for a sleepover at her friend Maddy's.



Hot off the Press

For those crafty girls that read my blog quick zip over to my friend Khris's Blog and check out the new bag Tute she has put up, she's amazing how she just whips up these Tutorials to share with us, I want to try this one out real soon.  Thanks Khris for taking the time to do this one I know how busy you are.

Everybody loves a Wedding.....

the next big event in the New Year for us was a nieces wedding, we enjoyed a lovely 4 days away at the Sunshine Coast, the weather held off the forecast of rain until the day after the wedding, so a perfect sunshine day, a bit hot but we all survived and the Bride looked beautiful, if you want to see pics from the special day just click here

Opps Nearly forgot

to show you my last 2 finishes, here is a pic of the quilt I finally finished for DGD no2 ........
and a bag I made for my niece for her 18th Birthday.

I figured a new background

for my Blog would be good to start the New year off with, not sure about this one yet though, and yes I do know that the year is slipping by real quick  and I've been really slack with my blogging, I just don't know where the time goes these days, so a quick fill in......just after I left off last time our eldest DGD came for a nice long visit before Christmas. We had 3 wonderful  weeks with her before we had to send her home again, some pics of her visit are here.

We celebrated  Christmas Day at my Sister and Hubby's place, they did a great job of fitting our rather large family in and all had a great day spending a lot of time in the pool as it was a typical hot Aussie Christmas.....Thanks Deb n John for being such great hosts. A few pics shared here. To be continued.........