Twinkle is her name

and she is my entrant for September in Amanda's Christmas Challenge, click here if you want to see the other clever ladies entrants.
Taking photo's at night doesn't do the subject justice with the shadows but she looks pretty cute in the real, hubby reckons she is modeled on our youngest DGD, there is a bit of resemblance don't you think.
hugs Diana


Khris said...

FANTASTIC Diana...well done..hugs Khris

Melissa said...

I absolutely do see a resemblance and thought so before I even read what you wrote!

wackywoman said...

So adorable Diana. Love her. And yes, I see the resemblance.

creativedawn said...

Twinkle is so,so cute! Almost as cute as her look-a-like...well she is the look-a-like!! lol. Gorgeous babygirl. Wow, you did a fantastic job! Good luck! She's a winner!


Karen Mallory said...

That is two cuties you have there Diana!!
hugs Karen

Sharon-NZ said...

Oh fantastic job Diana, awesome doll and fantastic face, they are both awesome

Julia said...

Hi Diana, thanks again so much...lovely to come by your blog.
I do see a resemblance...both are very cute!
Julia ♥