Awww we only have one more

Christmas Challenge to do before all the fun is over, this month I made some star coasters to co-ordinate with my runner and table centre, quick and easy but will come in handy when we get the wine glasses out for a Christmas drink, well I guess we could use them for a cuppa as well, lol.
Will now need to put the thinking cap on for the last month's challenge...... Mmm now what else can I make that will fit in with all the other bits, oh I think I have an idea forming but I best go check out  Amanda's blog to make sure I am within the criteria for the month.


My little finish this past week

isn't he just gorgeous with those big blue eyes, enough to melt any Nana's heart.
Now I need to get back to the quilt I am working on for DD but I am having trouble staying focused cause any time soon the post man is going to bringing me one of these and I am just a little bit excited...
I have already bought a couple of embossing plates so I can jump right in when it arrives, don't you just love having a new toy to play with for your crafting, it truly keeps you motivated.



Wish we had Smell a Blog

my Jasmine is flowering and smells sooo good, I have kept it contained in a pot so it doesn't take over the fence between us and the back neighbors but I'm tempted to let it when it looks and smells so yummy at this time of the year.
Not a lot of crafting happened this week, I did start another scrapping page, but am at the stage where I don't know what to do next so while waiting for inspiration to hit me I used some paper scraps up and made these cards, 
can see I have a long way to go before anybody receives a home made card from me, lol, I will keep practicing.
It's a bit like patchwork being able to use up the scraps, and I have finally run out of blue n red scraps for my string quilt so  even though it will just end up being a floor rug for the Grandchildren or the back seat of the car it is a good feeling finally using up the scraps I have been hoarding for all these years.

I have to put the blocks away now till in the New Year when I will add some sashing to finish them. Meanwhile I need to get busy with some Christmas sewing.