August -Christmas in July Challenge

all finished made it by the skin of my teeth as usual. This month the challenge from Amanda was to make a Table Center decoration/centerpiece. Well I had grand plans of making a Fabric Christmas tree, have wanted to make one of these for ages, I found a pattern on one of my many trips to the local Op Shops searching for vintage crafting supplies, couldn't believe my luck, and had tucked it away safely with the million other patterns I own, thought... finally the perfect time to make use of that pattern. Well I had it all spread out on the table with my fabrics choices but for the one minute I turned my back to check on dinner cooking one naughty puddy cat had pulled the pattern down and had a game with it, it was a tissue pattern so you can imagine the end result, so then onto plan B... checked out the blocks in EQ and found one that I thought would be easy using the PP technique, it did eventually get done but with a few nasty words in the process. Pheew such a long post about such a little thing, it is about 12' diameter and fits just nicely in the centre of my table, will pop my wire glitter Christmas Tree and some little Christmas wrapped boxes around the base come December.

Next month is a doll, now that should be easy peasy hey!

Also popping up a pic of an Armchair Sewing Organizer and Coasters I made for my friend Sharon in New Zealand.
Sharon and I have known each other from the Yahoo "Craft" group for about 4 yrs now and we had a great time meeting in person at the "Craft" Retreat last year. Sharon's hubby and his son spent the night with us a few weeks ago while on a visit from over the ditch to spend some time with family, so I grabbed the chance to send a little something over to Sharon free of postage costs (gosh it is getting expensive to send overseas) made her these couple of goodies to match her Crafting Studio. I am sooo jealous of her "Studio".


Local Quilt Show

These two lovely ladies from my local Quilt Shop were busy selling all their goodies at the Bundaberg Quilt Show, I imagine they were pretty tired after the 3 days were over. 
If you would like to view a small cross section of Quilts that were on display at the quilt show. Click here. There was so much eye candy it was impossible to take photos of them all and it certainly keeps the creative spirit alive viewing such great works of art, thank you ladies for a lovely morning out.


A treat for all my Crafty Pals

Pop on over to my friend Khris's Freebies for Crafters Blog or her personal Blog and see what the clever girl has been up to, she has designed the most gorgeous Sewing Accessories Set, but best of all....... the Australian Craft Magazine "HOMESPUN" has used her designs for this months Project on their Web page at Complete Craft.
Woo Hoo Khristina, so pretty, well done mate and Congratulations.