I had so much fun

this weekend, it was Father's Day here in Oz, so besides making sure DH was well fed (kids you owe me big time) with bacon n eggs for brekky, chicken salad for lunch and prawns and scallops and salad for dinner because it was his special day, (Luv you Hon you're the best), I had a couple of busy days sewing.
First up I spent Saturday making a gift for a family member who has a big 30th birthday coming up (shh it's my daughter but I don't want anybody to know I have a 30yr old it makes me feel ancient) and I can't share a pic with you yet as that would spoil the surprise.

And today I had a great time sewing up some scraps into the beginnings of a String Quilt in the company of some of the ladies from the "CRAFT" group. We had a Quilt-a-Long and what was pretty cool was we were able to have a video conference call where we could all see each other and chat as we were busily sewing up our strips. There was Sharon from NZ and Kath and Wilma from the U.S. and Khris in Adelaide, we were all able to hook in and show how we were progressing during the day, a few of the other girls also popped in to chat via messaging, isn't the Internet just the greatest. A few of the other members who couldn't access the video call also joined in the sew-in, Marilyn made a beautiful charity quilt with a jelly roll, and Deanna was sewing madly on a quilt as well. I am looking forward to seeing all the end results. Can't wait till we do it again next month when we all meet up to practice making HST's.

Here you can see my scraps I have been hoarding for 15 years or more cut into strips and my 9 blocks I got finished today, they are going to make a great scrap quilt when I get a few more done through the week. I am using the QAYG method and so far am loving it as the blocks are already quilted, will see if it is as easy to do the sashings when I go to put them together, fingers crossed.



Khris said...

Lookin' good Diana...it was really fun being able to have us all in the same place sewing so to speak. Chatting, eating, having a cuppa with all of us right next to each other...just like we really were there...hugs Khris

Lois said...

They look good Diana...how exciting for you to sew together with the help of technology.