Backtracking to Easter now

for which we were expecting hubby's brother and wife and children for a few days, we were really looking forward to their visit as they hadn't been up this way for a few years.
One morning about a week before they were due I answered the phone and it was DD in Mt Isa saying something about...... can you fit a car seat in the new car Mum?, well silly me said Why? and she said.... cause the girls and I are coming for a holiday...well needless to say panic set in for all of 2 secs while I got my head around the fact that we had already booked out the spare bedrooms with 2 adults and 2 children coming, but whats another adult and 2 more children to find beds for... right, lol. 
Once I realized she was serious, excitement really set in as I knew we'd work out the sleeping arrangements later. 
Needless to say we had a terrific time and it was just so great that we all got to spend some time together.
Now I realize this is all pretty boring to my crafting friends but for those family members who would like to see some pics of our time spent with DD and grand kids at Easter time please click here.

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