Way back in Nov

last year we decided to adopt a kitty from the RSPCA, it had been over 18 mths since our 16 yr old miniature poodle Missy had gone to doggy heaven and hubby and I finally felt the time was right to introduce a new pet to our household.
As our Granddaughter Shayna was coming to visit us for a few weeks before Christmas we waited for her to arrive before making any more plans as we knew she would get a thrill helping us to choose a kitten.
After checking the RSPCA web page a few times and making a couple of visits to cuddle and play with the kittens one sweet little fat faced boy decided he would like to come home with us, after testing out a few names the first day we decided to call him" Milo".

Well he is 8 mths old now and has fitted into our home just perfectly. So I thought I'd share a few pics I took today while he was outside in the garden having his morning romp chasing the lizards and butterflies.
He is an inside cat that is allowed out for short periods in the garden to play through the daytime, to keep him safe we make sure he is inside before late afternoon.
Each morning for the last couple of months our neighbours cat "Quinn" who is also an RSPCA kitty, visits us, they are like two kids playing for about an hour each morning.
To view today's pics if you are interested click here.


Michele said...

What a lovely kitty! And he poses so nicely - is that a birdbath?

Diana said...

yep it is a birdbath, but the top fell off once a long time ago and Ash had to glue it back together so it now has a hole in it and doesn't hold any water

Terri - Ossineke, MI said...

Milo is such a cute kitty. I love the pic on your website with the kitten snuggled on the younglady's shoulder. You took some great photos and the captions were just right for those. Thanks for sharing.

Terri at the Drake's Nest in Ossineke, MI