Whoppee Doo.....want to see something special

well all you Quilter's out there just need to jump on over to "HERE" to see how the "CRAFT" group surprised the socks off our "fearless leader" as I call her, lol. Not easy keeping a secret from this girl. 
You will never meet a more generous, caring, sharing person than our Khris so we thought it was about time that we let her know how thankful we all are for her Friendship.
The girls in the group made some hearts, donated fabric and money towards this Gift of Friendship and Khris's right hand moderator Sharon from New Zealand was the clever chicky who did all the hard work designing it, sewing it all together as well as the fantastic quilting, no easy task when you work full time with a heavy workload with long days, the rest of us will be forever grateful for the brilliant job she has done on our behalf, she put her hand up for this job with only 3 other quilts under her belt. Thank you so much Sharon.
We have lots of talented ladies in our group and one of them Pam made a great bag for the quilt to be posted in, so Khris received 2 lovely surprises, thank you Pam on behalf of all of us girls.
Now don't forget, pop on over to Khris's blog and check out this OOAK quilt in all it's glory.
All is right with the world when you have such great family and friends like I am blessed with.



Khris said...

I can tell you this quilt is super amazing and will be loved til death do us part...lol....I was gobsmacked and couldn't sleep with all the excitement I got from receiving it.
Like a big kid on Christmas day I was. Thank you so much my lovely friend for being part of this and for being such a great friend. Hugs
Khris xxx

creativedawn said...

OMGosh YOU!!!! Thanks for the group that NEVER sleeps! When I need to talk, there is always someone there. Thanks to you Khris; List MOM EXTROIDINAIRE! friends like you DIANA...it's great to share here.

Pam (all teary eyed)

Sharon-NZ said...

thanks diana lovely words my friend