It's way time..........

that I caught you up on how the CRAFT retreat went.........

Well the first afternoon most of us were too tired from travelling to do too much except relax and enjoy a cuppa and chat. Some of the girls had met before but a few of us had only spoken on the phone or on-line.
For me, it was just like we had all known each other before instead of meeting for the first time.
Some were brave enough to have a swim in the pool, even though it was hot and muggy the water was a bit nippy, but a glass of Bannrock and some nibbles soon warmed us up while we waited for dinner, all that gasbagging makes you hungry, lol.
The girls who had bought their machines were already sewing up a storm and I am hoping they have some pics of their new creations as I didn't get any on the last day before they packed up.
The next day started off well with a few of the girls driving into Ipswich to a local market to check out the goodies...... Anita scored a couple of nice things and so did Helena.

Naomi and I stayed behind and looked through some crochet patterns on my laptop. BUT we did get to enjoy the yummy Jam n Cream scones served for morning tea.
Then Naomi was kind enough to try to teach me how to do a crocheted flower while a few others had their machines whizzing away in the sewing room.
By the time the girls came back from the markets it was lunch time and the wind had come up, blowing a gale and it was starting to get a bit dusty and smoky as well.

Because the weather was so terrible for the rest of the day most of us just stayed stayed inside our Cabins as we were starting to get sore throats (yes maybe a little from talking too much, but the dust in the air sure didn't help) watery eyes and dry lips and mouths, it was awful outside so Naomi got stuck into showing the girls how to start off the crochet rug they wanted to learn. Khris and Naomi also got some hexagons cut out ready to make some coasters for their market stall.
Sharon and Naomi braved the cool water in the pool again later on for a dip to soak poor Sharon's sore swollen ankles, the heat from the day before had really made her a bit ill (poor girl was suffering from the heat as she had flown in from NZ where the temps were heaps lower) so she just relaxed with her feet up on the lounge for awhile before tea time and we fitted in a couple of party games (thanks Khris) that were a bit of a giggle, and some lucky ones won some goodies.

Then we grabbed a bottle of our favorite red and took it down to enjoy with our night meal, well some of us did, not all, as some don't partake but they didn't mind the rest of us enjoying a glass.
That night we sat around and chatted some more while stitching and crocheting and the next morning after a terrible sleepless night from the howling wind and no water in our cabin for showers till the kind man came and sorted it for us we just relaxed some more with a cuppa as the wind was still blowing a gale and it was too horrible to sit outside.

Some of the girls went down to the main Lodge for morning tea but Khris and I ate Marg's slice instead and Sharon kept Khris company while I jumped in for a late shower before lunch.
The food and accommodation were all just fabulous, our lovely hostess Wendy and her family looked after us all so well, we all said we would go back again.
Before we knew it it was time to pack up and think about getting on our way home, it was such a great time getting to know all the girls and the time went so quick, we didn't get to go for a walk as the weather was shocking after the first afternoon, but it didn't faze us, we were very happy just chilling out and talking and crafting so it didn't upset us too much except for a few sneezes and sore throats, from the dust I mean, lol.

Helena had the right idea as you can see by the pic, lol.
It was such fun swapping gifts, sharing some great laughs and chatting about our different crafts we like to do. I am so glad that I was able to go and meet the girls, it was wonderful to have the chance to cement our on-line friendships that we have made by chatting on the CRAFT group and I really hope we can do it all again sometime real soon.
ps. Don't forget to jump over to my Picasa Album to see the pics from the retreat.


wackywoman said...

Oh sigh...........maybe next year. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

Beeshebags said...

What a great 'journal' of our fun packed weekend....even if the weather was crappy. It was fantastic to finally meet you Diana...and yes, you're right, it didn't feel like we were all just meeting....it totally felt like old friends having a reunion almost! Hugs Naomi (always the problem child!)

Lauren Colless said...

Yes I'm with Marilyn... maybe next year!!! Until then, still green with envy :)

Karen Mallory said...

Wow! What a long post and great get together!! I wonder how many dolls I would have to sell to make airfare to Australia next year!!
hugs still jealous Karen! LOL

Anita said...

You described the weekend perfectly Diana! I had a great time with everyone and it was lovely meeting you in person!