Here we go.......

A couple of pics of the friendship gifts and swap goodies I received from the girls at the retreat, I was very spoilt and love them all.
From Khris I received some special goodies... Covered address book, card holder and notebook and a little emergency kit bag made from the cutest band-aid fabric already stocked with Panadol, hand cleanser etc.
Naomi was a sweetie and gave me as a gift, a sweet little bag that I had put an order in for her to make me for my MP3 player, a perfect fit. Look at my parliment of Owls from Khris and Naomi, how cute are they?
Sharon gave me a couple of her very special doll faces and some pencils for me to use so I can practice my doll face drawing and from Anita I received a gorgeous pack of Moda squares and some patterns, one that I had been eyeing off since I first saw it advertised, a raggedy pattern that is just so cute.
Maree made us all a sticky note holder and Marg gave us each a bag of little tricks with cute sayings inside. My secret sister swap partner Cath, gave me a raggedy doll she had made from one of her patterns, fabric, pattern n thread.
Also had lots of laughter and fun in a pattern swap game that Khris had us playing and was able to add a few new patterns to my pattern collection, a girl can never have too many patterns, lol.

So now you can all see why I think I was so very spoilt, how lucky am I to have such generous friends.

Thank you girls.

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Sharon-NZ said...

cool so have you been practicing then - I know I havent LOL