It's always nice to..........

spend time with Friends, and this past week we have shared lots of fun and laughter with our friends Deanna and Doug from Townsville who were neighbours of ours in Ayr before we moved home. We haven't seen each other since my daughter's wedding 2 yrs ago so it was great to have time to relax and catch up.
We went for some nice walks and went out for lunch at the local Tavern and we also enjoyed a few liqueurs and a lot of laughs playing the card game 500. This was a favourite pastime with 4 other friends when we all lived in the same street for years so bought back lots of great memories for us all.



Sharon-NZ said...

Nice photos, looks like you had a great time

wackywoman said...

Great new posts Diana. Love your new pics, all of them. Gee the babes are growing fast.