Hi fellow Paper Crafters,

have you ever thought of putting some of your wonderful card creations into a pretty box and giving it to friends or family as a gift ? Well today I want to share this Card Gift Box I made with you. Fill it up with your cards and you will have a lovely gift for that special someone. Would also make a great end of year gift for your children's teacher's.
It's my very first Tutorial so please be kind I still have lots to learn about the Blogging world and Tutorials. :-)

 I have seen a few of these in Blog Land, and I have made one in
a class, but I needed to work out the exact measurements so my cards paired with my Stampin Up Envelopes, (C6 size if you are using store bought ones) would fit nicely in the box.
The tutorial is in inches and I used my Stampin Up tools, but if you don't have the same you could use either of the options shown here for scoring and  trimming the card stock. I am sure there is a few other options out there available too.

I have a few more cards to make to fill my box,
 then I will have a lovely gift for a special someone.
Have fun making yours and if you need any Stampin Up supplies to make your box and cards jump on over to the SU button on the right to get to my SU web page.

There is also a PDF file available for download HERE enjoy. 


Karen Mallory said...

Thanks Diana! Great tutorial. It is a great gift idea!
hugs Karen

Cloth Doll Lover said...

Awesome Diana, very good instructions and photographs.
thank you for this tutorial.

Khristina aka Khris said...

Fantastic...love it thanks Diana. Have shared it on Freebies For Crafters...hugs Khris

Pamela Davis said...

Thanks for the fabulous tutorial! I am going to try this out!