How lucky am I

last week my darlin' hubby took me away for a few days of R & R, I think I could get to like this empty nest part of our lives :-).
We didn't go very far just 2 hrs down the road to a seaside village called Hervey Bay, actually it's a combination of small villages dotted along a headland and a very pretty bay.
The whale watching season is finished for the year so most of the tourist's had gone home, well till Christmas time at least, it was a very quiet, relaxed few days.
I thought I would share a few pics of where we stayed and oh my gosh they had just the best Patchwork Shop there so I had to go check it out didn't I and I happened to find a Scrapping shop as well, lol. If you would like to see a few pics Click Here to view.
I think we might make this an annual event, next time we hope to travel a little further down the coast where you can hand feed Dolphins, now that's pretty cool and will be something to look forward to. My sister Ree assures me there is also a great little place that serves fantastic brekky's as well so I think we should go visit sooner rather than later, oh well 12 mths isn't that long really.
Now that I am all refreshed it's time to get back to some crafting.......
Hugs Diana


creativedawn said...

Hi Diana!
Thanks for sharing those pictures and your thoughts...so this is what I've got to look forward to, eh? Looks beautiful and what fun to spend time relaxing together feeding dophins and such...

wackywoman said...

Oh it looks like you had a perfectly wonderful vacation Diana. Some day............I keep dreaming. I did promise my grandson I would take him to Australia when he turns 12...he is 6 now. Hope he will still want to go with his granny.

Karen Mallory said...

What a lovely spot Diana! Beatiful pictures. Looks like you are having a glass of wine! Nice purchases from the shops!
hugs Karen

Sharon's Place said...

Looks like the perfect time! little jealous haven't been on an actual holiday since I was a child!
Sharon 2

Shiree said...

oh how idyllic, and finding patchwork AND scrapping shops - what a bonus!