First Post

Okay this is scary setting up a blog for a first timer, guess I'll just have to learn as I go along, first thing I need to learn is how to add pics to my posts, lets see if I can grab one from my files and add to this first post. Oh cool it worked, this is a pic of one of the beaches near us.

Now that I have tried my first post it doesnt seem so scary after all. I hope to be posting pics of my craftin as well as everyday occurances, especially new pics of our 3 darling grandchildren. We are blessed with 2 girls and one little baby boy who only arrived a few weeks ago.

Bye for now,


MarkSarahandHarrison said...

Well done, I'm very impressed :). Great photo too!

Anita said...

Hmmm, my last comment disappeared!
Your blog looks great Diana, am so impressed that you even have a pretty background!

Beeshebags said...

Woo Hoo, You go girl.....I'm very proud of you.....awww look Khris and Sharon, your baby is swimming without water wings! lol


Pat said...

Love your blog. The photo looks like such a lovely place to be!

Cath Ü said...

Welcome to blogland Dianna.. you will get the hang of it all before too long...
Cath Ü